Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Holiday Season Has Arrived-Nick

So things are slowing down...a bit.  We're both still pretty busy but I feel like we're beginning to have a bit more free time, and during that free time we're a little less worn out because our schedules are less hectic.

This weekend we went ahead and decorated the apartment for Christmas.  We didn't have room for a tree in the usual sense, so we had to improvise.  Some may look at our "tree" and think it is sad, but it's ok, we were actually able to do more than we had thought.  Here's our apartment.

I may stick some ornaments to the tree as well.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, we also took time to go see the holiday train.  Some of you may be asking yourselves "what's a holiday train."  It may be self explanatory, but we of course have pictures.

Now, for the record, we didn't pay $2.25 to get up onto the train platform to see this.  We did, however, plan our trip to go to dinner so that we would be on the platform when it went by on the other side.  We may or may not have passed the chance to get on 3 trains while we waited for the holiday train...but that's really beside the point.

In other news, we possibly have found the wedding venue for us.  It's still in the works while we await further information from the place that runs it, but here's a pretty good picture of the place.

You can find more at

Well, that's all for now.  We should have more later!