Saturday, October 22, 2011

City life=Busy life-Nick

So as I said in our last post, we've been dang busy.  My work has been booming and Kayla just has so many commitments between work and school that we've had little free time and have been too exhausted in that free time to want to do anything but veg out on the couch.

We went up and saw the Chicago Botanical Gardens a few weeks back and they were beautiful.  They have a few locations that could definitely possibly work for a wedding for us.  In particular we're looking at the English Walled Garden.

It would require a "unique" seating arrangement due to the pond, but really fits the walled in garden feel that we're looking for.  Overall it's a great location, but we're reluctant to just settle on the first place we went until we've seen some other options.  For instance, there is Armour House.

We really want to go see this place, but the logistics of getting out to it in Lake Forest during the little free time we have has made it not possible so far.  As far as the ceremony site above, it definitely outdoes the botanical gardens, but the pictures we've seen of the reception area inside look super tiny.  That's why we want to go see it in person.  As an added bonus, while finding this picture, I found out that Vince Vaughn got married there last yea.

We're 3 months into our life in Chicago and, even with how busy we are, we couldn't be happier.  It's lived up to every expectation that we had when we were preparing to move and we absolutely love it here.  Between the convenience of the city and the constant life that is all around us, it's everything we wanted.  If we need to get groceries or even just need to grab something small...we walk down the street.  If we want food, be it Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, or just a burger...we walk down the street.  If we just want to go get a drink Friday after work, we walk down the street and get half price drinks at a place that has a deal with my work!  And of course, if we want to go to downtown Chicago and just enjoy the sights and such, we walk down the street, jump on a train, and bam, we're there.  In's awesome.

We do of course miss everybody back home.  I know I didn't go home all the time when I was in Columbia, but just having the option and knowing my family was a mere two hours away was a comfort.  It seems like I can literally feel the distance between us now and, while I don't get "home sick" for home itself, I miss the people that are there.  In addition to family, there's Justin as well.  When you live with your best friend for four years, it's difficult to suddenly not see them for months at a time.  This wasn't helped by stupid AT&T and their awful service and business practice (by the way, if you haven't been told, you can reach us at our new house phone 773-654-1364.)  Kayla and I were talking just last night about how much we miss just hearing Justin laughing in the other room (if you have spent any time around him you'll know why we miss this =P).

So that's pretty much life right now.  In short: working on wedding plans, loving the city, super busy, and miss everybody.  Tonight Kayla and I are carving pumpkins and she's making yummy stuff to eat.  You can bet that we will be posting pictures of our Jack-O-Lanterns later.

Monday, October 3, 2011


We're both so busy that I really don't have the time or energy to post much more than how busy we are.  I've been staying past 7pm almost every night and even went in to work on Sunday.  I had to stay until 8:30 tonight, but luckily I have the greatest fiance in the world who brought me potato soup for dinner and sat with me for the last 30 minutes.  Kayla's been crazy busy too between her part time job, school, staging, and a little cleaning job she got for every other week.

One thing that's been going on that is definitely worth mentioning is that we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens this last weekend.  We're considering having the wedding there and are hoping for next September for a date.  We're in contact with people there getting some information.  We took lots of pictures of the many gardens (the place is HUGE) there that we'll post at a later time when one of us has the time/energy.  Until then, keep it classy San Diego.

P.S.  See you this weekend Amanda and Matt!