Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Operation Lonely Week Pt. 2"- Kayla

I'm sure that at seeing the title of both of our posts, some of you are gagging.  Fortunately, I don't have it nearly as bad as Nick.  Yes, he does have the kitties, and all the furniture, but I still get Justin and Jessica to pass my time.  I also have a lot of cleaning to do and I get to help them move, so that will pass a lot of the time.  Combine that with the fact that this is the last week of my job and I have to close SEVEN desks, it makes for a week that will most likely pass very quickly.

So, ruminations on the move: it went pretty smoothly considering we went across two states.  We unfortunately had forgotten to pack quite a few small things making for the last hour of the packing process a little chaotic- a special thanks to Nick's mother for helping us navigate this potentially disastrous, rookie mistake.  There was only one box of "random, almost forgotten stuff" by the end of the packing process, so it could have gone worse.  We also failed to properly stack the boxes in the back of the truck because we were too scared that they would fall; wrong.  We ended up almost unable to fit everything into the truck; we actually had to put a lot of things in the Quijas' van.  A lot of stuff ended up in front of the stuff that was going to my dad's so the unloading at his place was a little rough. A special thanks to my dad for letting us stay with him at the last moment.  This made everything so much better, including the amount of stress on the poor cats.

I'm glad to announce that the cats are adjusting well (for those of you who care).  There was only one point in the drive in which I thought my cat was going to throw up, but neither of them did; they also refrained from peeing in the car, so despite the panting and freaking out, they did pretty well.

It is strange to be here on a blow up bed in a house that's been my home for 1.5 years, but it's exciting to know that I'm one step closer to moving my life to Chicago.  And thank GOODNESS we are done with that move.  It was a very hectic day that would have been impossible without the help of family and friends.  A special thanks to Justin and Nick's dad for making the 30" couch fit thorough the 30" door of our apartment; I think some sort of voodoo magic was involved here.  Also, a special thanks to Jessica for letting us steal Justin away from her for a whole weekend, especially since we took him a whole night early.    Overall, very successful, smooth move.

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