Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Much Going On-Nick

Many things to be happy for at the moment:

1. Kayla is now here (just finishing her second full day in the city.
2. I now have a job
3. Despite what everybody back home might fear about the city we have not been
    a.  burglarized
    b.  mugged
    c.  spit on
    d. blown up by aliens while attending a "Welcome to Earth" party atop a skyscraper

I was most worried about the fourth one, but apparently those parties only happen when there have been legit alien sightings and there's a giant ship hovering over your city.

Anyway, back to the job.  I got called up last Thursday in response to a Craigslist ad I had responded to. They said they were calling from Guaranteed Rates, a mortgage company and that they were hiring for an entry level position at their company.  We went through the normal "Are you still interested"-"Why yes I am" routine, I had an interview 45 minutes later because it's only about 7-8 blocks from our apartment, and then an hour after that I had a job.

So here's the basics of the job:  I work in what primarily seems to be the shipping department.  I think I've also heard it referred to as the "Post-Closing Department."  I go through the loan paperwork that has arrived and check it into the computer system and distribute it to where it needs to go, and basically just make sure that all of the paperwork gets to where it needs to go and is all done by the time it needs to be done.  That's my job in a nutshell.  It mostly involves a lot of data entry and lugging around piles of files (rhyming horray).

Well that's pretty much it.  We've only had two days here together, but Kayla and I are loving the city.  It's so nice to be able to bike to work and everywhere else.  I'm so close that I can ride my bike home and eat lunch with her and then ride back afterward.  If we want to go to the store we can make a 10 minute walk to the store or a 3-4 minute bike ride.  If we want to go out on the weekend-there's about 100 places in walking distance to choose from, if not more.  We won't even try to guess out how many places if we take the train.  Basically the city so far gets about an A in my book.

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  1. We noticed lots of "bikers" when we were there also, especially in Wicker Park. We were very jealous. Looks like such a fun lifestyle.