Friday, September 23, 2011

Newness -Kayla

I've been so busy the last week, many of you may not know that I have a new job.  Magnolia kind of fell through due to my need of money and their inability to settle on an orientation date.  I now have a job at Dolce Casa Cafe, which is a mere 6 blocks down Damen Ave. from our apartment; it takes me 15 minutes to walk there.  I had interviewed for this job the same week in interviewed for the other two, but gave up when I hadn't heard back 3 weeks later.  Then, last Thursday, I got a call offering the job.  It's pretty much the best ever, particularly for my situation.  First off (and most importantly), I get to bake.  Not full time, but intermittently and it will hopefully get more frequent.  Ross (my boss) ultimately hopes that I can handle all the baking they do there (which isn't a ton), plus come up with some new things for the cafe.  Right now, I'm focused on just leaning the basics there.  For a cafe, they sell a large variety of food and I have to be able to make everything on the menu.  Also, I am getting trained to be a legit barista, which is something I've always wanted to do (for some unknown reason).  I get to go to Metropolis Coffee next Friday for training, but I've already gotten descent at foaming milk (which is a lot harder than it looks, seriously).  On top of that, my boss is fantastic.  He's extremely patient with me (and my lack of experience), very supportive, and full of knowledge.  He went to Le Cordon Bleu in England, so he knows what type of an education I'm getting.  He has so far shaken off all of my mistakes, which happen semi-often.  AND the money is fantastic, considering it is an entry level cafe job: $9 plus tips.  I walked away with $40 today for a little over 9 hours of work.  I'll take $13 an hour any time.  This is a GREAT starting position for some extra baking training and some hands on experience.

Also, the stage is going very well.  Chef Nathan is also very patient and extremely kind.  What is with my luck lately?  I'm getting these great opportunities with fantastically understanding people.  After inquiring about my job at Dolce Casa, she mentioned again the opportunity of future employment with her.  She even said that working around my current work schedule would be possible.  How awesome is that?!  I think that this is a few months away, but seriously, when did a horseshoe fall on my head while I was walking through a garden of four leaf clovers?

Anywho, life is great and we are really enjoying it here in the city.  Unlike Nick, I hate the fall, so come winter, we'll see if I still love it here :P

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