Saturday, September 24, 2011

People who don't like Fall are silly-Nick

It's an ongoing struggle with Kayla to convince her that Fall is, in fact, a different season than Winter.  The only reason she says she hates Fall is because she hates the cold.  I continually remind her that it is not cold for most of Fall, only when it gets closer to Winter.  She has explained her reasoning as "I hate Fall because it means that it's almost Winter," but that's like saying you hate summer because it means it's almost Fall, which means it's almost Winter.  That's just silly.  It's like when you meet those people who freak out when they turn 23 because it means they're almost 24, which means they're almost 25.  THAT MAKES NO SENSE!

So anyway.  Mom and Dad came up last weekend (hi mom and dad!) and spent some time here in the city with us.  We met up Friday night right after I got off work.  They got to come see the apartment fully put together, and then we headed out to get some dinner and drinks.  We walked a couple blocks over to Lincoln Ave (consult google maps if you want to actually see what this means) which is a hoppin street lined for miles with restaurants, bars, and shops.  We strolled down a ways to this restaurant called "The Horseshoe."  It's owned by the same guys who runs "Easy Rider's" bike shop, the bike shop that was so helpful in the past when my bike was stolen.  We had promised the owner we'd stop in sometime to eat there.  They also are supposed to have live music Friday nights and dad wanted to experience some live music, seeing that we were in the city and all, so we thought it was a perfect choice.  However, we got there and it was completely empty...and I mean COMPLETELY empty.  There was not a single person there except a fairly rude waitress/bartender, including no live music.  We lied and told her we'd be back later when the music had started, and headed up the street to The Bad Apple, a fantastic bar and grill with burgers to die for.  They were much busier, but we enjoyed ourselves having a few drinks.  One drink in particular that Kayla and I both had, which I'd like to point out to Harry Potter fans, was Butter Beer.  That's right, it exists.  They made it in response to the popularity of the Harry Potter books, and it is quite delicious, unless you are like my mom and don't like butterscotch because they use butterscotch liquour to flavor it.

After a good night's sleep we met up again Saturday morning.  We took care of some bank business that I needed to get out of the way and then we headed for the city.  On the way to the trainline we stopped in at "Sweet Sensations Bakery" where Kayla has been doing her stageing.  The cupcakes and cookies were quite tasty.  Then dad got to have both his first L Train ride and subway ride all in one trip.  We spent some time at the Macy's Water Tower Mall and mom bought me a new bag, finally allowing me to decommision the backpack I've been using since I started college (Thanks Mom!).  Then we went for a nice lllooooonnnng stroll through the city.

We walked down a ways to The West Egg, a popular cafe, and got lunch (somebody please explain to me why a cafe on the Northeast side of the city is called the West Egg?).  Then we walked over the Navy Pier, stopping at Centennial Plaza (somewhat by accident because we hit a dead end).  We spent a long time at Navy Pier, walking all the way to the end and enjoying the sights there.  We got coffee and hung out in the indoor garden upstairs.  Then we walked down the boardwalk toward the museum campus and cut across over the Millenium Park.  Mom and Dad got to see the really cool amphitheater there as well as "The Bean" and a few other landmarks.  By that time we were ready for dinner.  Luckily, they all had a great tour guide (me) who had masterfully planned our time in the city so that all of our touring had put us about 1 block from Pizzano's, where we had planned to eat, right around 5pm.  We went there and had some good ol' Chicago deep dish pizza.  If you're every in the city, I highly recommend you try Pizzano's because it is the best I've had yet.

After dinner we strolled through the Loop over to Willis Tower (formally known as the Sears Tower) and gazed up at its tallness.  Then we headed home, had some tea, and called it a night.

Finally, Sunday morning we got breakfast at this delicious breakfast cafe, Marmalade, that's like 2 blocks down the street from our apartment.  I think overall mom and dad had a good time.  I know that I did =).

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