Thursday, September 1, 2011

Epic Fail -Kayla

It's only an epic fail because I meant to do a post a long time ago.  Other things in my life, on the other hand, are quite the opposite of fail.  As I sit here in The Perfect Cup (a coffee house just two blocks from our apartment), I'm thinking about how much I appreciate my life.  The first thing on my mind: I've secured a job.  And it's a good one at that.  I am now an employee at Magnolia Bakery in downtown Chicago.  It's on State street, that's just how downtown it is.  I am REALLY excited about that.  What's better about it?  It is also on the brown line (the train we live two blocks from) and only a couple of stops from my school.  This means I'll be able to maximize the number of hours I work because I won't have to waste time commuting to school.  I am by no means a baker at this location, but a front counter worker.  However, during my interview, Guy (the GM) told me that one of their current head bakers started at the front counter.  He also told me that I could possible move up once I get some more schooling under my belt.  That's no guarantee, but it's better than nothing.  At least I have my foot in the door at a reputable bakery and it's a job to pay me money until I get more schooling under my belt for a more baking-oriented job.  The place isn't even open yet; Chicago is a new location.  It's originally based in New York.  It's supposed to open in 4 weeks and Karen (the woman who called me) told me that they hope to have orientation next week.  Woo!  I can't wait to work here.  It's absolutely adorable and famed for it's start of the cupcake craze.  They ice all cupcakes by hand in their own signature way, which I will learn (see their signature swirl here:

Now that we can be more certain about our financial situation, I am much more relaxed and I can finally fully enjoy the perks of living here.  I've so far always enjoyed living here, but there was always that little voice in my mind saying "but you are still unemployed".  That little voice was always there to ruin my happy moments, but no longer.  Ha, little voice!  Haha!  I can't stress enough now excited I am to get started.  It really seems like a great environment and and great place to work for.  It's extremely well known in the baking world (and in the culinary world) and I'm sure that I'm the envy of quite a few people in my class.  Here's proof of just how popular this place is:

Other things that are going well: I have a fiance who loves me, a great little apartment in the perfect location, a great school, and now the means to actually start planing our wedding.  The only thing missing is my family and friends, who I miss more than anything.  We've still been enjoying the city life, walking down the street for drinks, coffee, ice cream, or anything else that strikes our fancy.  We have about 10 places on our list to go eat, but our financial situation has been keeping up from trying too many.  Thankfully, that will soon be remedied!

School is going well.  There haven't been any previous posts about it because it has actually been pretty boring.  As beginners, we have to go through and learn all the basics (including sanitation which is my least favorite part).  It's all really simple so far.  Mostly, my practical classes have included knife cuts, but I've gotten to make simple things like French vinaigrette and mayonnaise.  I've learned about mother sauces and stocks.  I can't believe that after tomorrow, I will be halfway done with my first classes.  Six week classes are short!  I'm actually sad that I don't have class on Monday because I'll be missing a practical day.  Oh, well.  I supposed getting to spend the day with Nick will make up for it  :P

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