Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part 1 - Nick

This post is going to primarily consist of pictures of the parade.  So without further delay.

The parade came to a halt for a few minutes at one point.  We got a nice show from this drumline and a good view of Big Bird.

Big Bird was easily the biggest balloon in the entire thing.  

Kayla very much wants to be one of these women.

See if you can find the funny part of this float.

Thanksgiving themed?  No.  Awesome? Yes

The tricky part of having a parade in Chicago is getting the balloons under the L tracks.  Elmo almost didn't make it on account of his fishbowl

And for the final picture.  The beginning of a our Thanksgiving dinner.  The turkey is ready to go and is currently in the oven.  Kayla's getting the stuffing and other things going to.  I know, you may be thinking to yourselves "Hey Nick, get off the computer and help her cook."  Well, first off, I helped with the turkey.  I did most of the dirty work on it.  Secondly, Kayla doesn't really let me help much.  She knows what she's doing and I just sort of get in her way and distract her.  So as soon as I finish this I'm going to go clean the apartment while she cooks so that we have a nice clean place for our Thanksgiving.  We'll probably post more later =)

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