Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part 2 - Nick

Mmmmm turkey.  Well that's what I was thinking a few hours back.  Now I'm pretty sure that I will not be eating again for about 2 weeks.  Kayla made a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and I'm now thoroughly full.  She certainly didn't hold back or skimp at all on her first Thanksgiving feast, as you can see below. Not pictured in this is the sourdough dinner rolls that she made from scratch as well.

It's not fancy but it's our kitchen :-)

And plates are empty.  Note the nice new salt shaker and pepper grinder I got Kayla for her birthday.

We have yet to eat the pie yet.  We're so full and it takes hours to cool down so we'll be having it before bed.  It's my favorite, French Silk!

So overall thoughts on Thanksgiving in Chicago are as follows:  It was a lot of fun, but I miss spending it with my family.  The parade was great and a really fun experience and I really enjoyed making our own Thanksgiving dinner, but it's not the same as being at the Betsher's with everybody that I love.  Hopefully next year, wherever my job might carry me, I'll be able to make it home.  Believe me, I wouldn't been there if I could, but given the choice between Thanksgiving or Christmas, I opted for the latter.  Hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving and ate more food than their stomachs could comfortably hold!

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