Monday, August 22, 2011

The Chicago Air and Water Show

Alright, so I will start this post with the fact that it was originally going to be much longer, and in fact was much longer.  I had a part all about the fantastically fun day I had today (in a completely sarcastic non-fun way).  That fun included flat tires on my bike and broken refrigerators (we haven't had a working fridge for 5 days now and have 3 more days to go...yay.)  That fun day ended in a fully functional bike and $150 off our rent for the upcoming month.  Real yay for that one.

Instead of going into great detail about all of that stuff, I will move on to the actual fun day we had yesterday.  We went to the 53rd Chicago Air and Water Show.   It's the nation's largest air show, is completely free, and was only about a 20 minute bike ride from our apartment.  As the name implies it is an air show...but the water part mainly just seems to describe the fact that it is over the lake.

To sum up the show, it was awesome.  Everything from bi-planes to sky divers to fighter jets, all strutting their stuff for the crowd.  There will be many pictures to follow.  Keep in mind two things: 1.  These pictures are only a sample of what we saw.  Many of the single plane performances were hard to get good pictures of. 2.  The pictures, as cool as they look, don't begin to do justice to how awesome some of these shows were

Downtown Chicago got a bit smokey from the show

Ok, so I feel I should explain this one.  I know, it looks unimpressive.  However, this plane (an F-16 I think?) was so G-D fast that I could not for the life of me get a picture of it.  On it's first flyover I tried.  However, I misjudged both its speed and how low it was.  Here's how that picture went: The plane got near, I took a picture of a blue sky as the plane flew over at speeds I couldn't quite comprehend, about one second later the sound of the plane hit and literally knocked me to the ground.

This boat was not part of the show, but I'm about 90% sure that it was propelled by jet engines.  I kid you not, the boat had freaking jets in the back.  There was no propellor.


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  1. Very cool...the water is beautiful. Where did you watch the show from? Did you hear what happened at our air show last weekend??