Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Downhill Slope...hopefully-Nick

There have been some bumps since getting here, but I feel like, and am hoping, that we are clear and set to go now.  Things seem to be going our way.

1.  I have a job
2.  Kayla's got an interview and others interested
3.  Kayla gets to go to culinary school and starts Friday and it will not break the bank.
4.  As of about 30 minutes ago, we sold the car.

So far I'm enjoying my job.  I was a bit iffy at first but now that I've gotten a little more comfortable and the people I work with have gotten a bit more comfortable with me, I'm enjoying it.  It's not glamorous and I don't know if I want to do it long term, but I can stick around for awhile at the very least.  Who knows where it might lead.

We had a good time there last Friday.  Not only was there a potluck party for lunch as a going away party for somebody leaving the company, but then it was also "Ops Appreciation Day", which meant that, for the first time, I got to drink on the job.  Crazy!  They had cases upon cases of booze, great food, and a live band all right there at the office in the courtyard.  Overall, my day at work on Friday was pretty fantastic.  My coworkers were even going to take me out to a bar after work to buy me a drink to celebrate the completion of my first week.  Unfortunately, fate intervened and while walking I said "hold on, let me go grab my bike."  If you've been keeping up with the blog, you know where things went from there.  To summarize...stolen bike.

While I wish it hadn't happened, I like to try to see the positive and I do see one way in which the bike theft helped.  I had many small things that had really just been frustrating me over the past few weeks.  I know Kayla had expressed concern about it a few times because my temper had been a bit short when these little things would crop up.  It's not like me to get frustrated so easily.  When the bike got stolen, I think it put all of those little things into perspective.  What is a broken bike light, or a hard to set up router compared to a stolen $500 ($600 if you count the attached accessories) bicycle.  After the bike got stolen I really didn't have any explosion of anger, just more of a "sigh...are you f'ing kidding me." Ever since then I feel like I'm back to my positive self not letting the little things get me down.  Life is great.  We're finally here in the city living our dream.  I've got Kayla, the cats, Justin back home, and of course my great family.  Miss any of you who are reading this =).

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