Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A stroke of luck -Kayla

I was getting a little frustrated- what with everywhere I went not hiring.  I've been to probably 20 places, put in AT LEAST 10 applications, and today I got a call about an interview.  It was funny because I had actually put in the application just 2 hours before.  It's amazing what kinds of jobs you cannot get with two college degrees.  It's not like I'm looking for a job as a rocket scientist.  I just want to be a barista, or at least work at a bakery; I don't even need to be the one to do the baking just yet.  Anyway, the interview is at 3 tomorrow at Sweet Sensations Bakery.  The woman sounded genuinely interested, so I'm really hoping I get good news tomorrow.  I went to another place today, Cafe Selmarie, where I had turned in an application on Friday.  They were hiring on Friday, but when I went back in today, they had stopped doing interviews.  This was frustrating, to say the least.

Also, good news on the car front.  I've been here with the car for over a week now and the only time I have driven it was to take it to get washed so we could show it to people.  That being said, we currently have four interested people and we just posted the car yesterday.  We really hope to be rid of it soon.  It's stressful to think of it sitting on the curb outside; it could get side swiped, broken into, or suffer the same fate as Nick's bike (stolen).

Plans for this weekend!  We want to go to the Lincoln Park zoo which is a very easy bike ride from us.  We also plan to take a little time to go to the beach right next to that zoo.  The city is amazingly convenient.  Let's actually hope that these plans might be interrupted by my having a job.

-------Interlude to show someone car-------

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the car is sold.  It goes on Thursday.  That was easy.

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