Monday, August 15, 2011


I don't have anything in particular to talk about.  So here are some bits of randomness from recently.

As you have heard if you read Kayla's posts, we went to the zoo.  Here are some pictures she didn't share that I like.

 So these very well may be some of the ugliest animals I've ever seen.  They are naked mole rats.  Uuslally I wouldn't take a picture of such ugly creatures (no offense to them, it's not their fault) but it was crazy how many of them were in this little place.  They had this giant ant farm type exhibit set up with tunnels going every which way, and in this one little chamber there was like 30 of them all just in a giant pile sleeping.  Crazy how numbers can make something so ugly suddenly cute.

 These are sand cats.  You may look at the picture and think it's strange I'm talking plural when you only see one.  However, look closely and you will see the second one.  That log is hollow, and that is a hind leg sticking out the right side and a paw sticking out a little hole on top.  They may be wild, but they sleep in weird positions just like domestic cats.

Next comes pictures from the mall next to the Chicago Water Tower (the history of that tower is pretty cool and you should look it up if you don't know it.)  Most of the pictures are from the Lego store.  Anybody who knows me is well aware of how I feel about shopping, and will understand why there won't be an epic tale of shopping to follow.  I was pretty blown away by the mall itself though.  It was my first time inside of such a tall mall (8 floors.)

It's soooooo tall inside and this picture doesn't do it justice since you don't get the 360 degree view.

The dragon below is completely constructed out of lego's.  Little bits of him wrap around throughout the store.  Sucks for the person that had to build it.   I wonder if it ever gets broken by rowdy children.

 And then there was the Chicago skyline at the front of the store once again completely made out of lego's.  At first I thought that they had only halfway done it and had skimmped out because I thought the 2-D buildings in the background were cardboard cutouts.  Upon closer inspection though, I found that they were simply made out of the little tiny lego's.

Well, that's all I've really got at the moment.  No fantastic stories (Kayla covered the zoo visit pretty well) or deep revelations.  Just some pictures of good times we've been having.  This weekend we're planning on going to the beach.  We had planned on going last weekend but between the rain and the need to get last minute school supplies for Kayla (meaning shoes), we didn't get a chance.  Hopefully the weather will look favorably on us and we can go this time.  If so, we'll be chilling at Montrose beach just a bit over a mile from our apartment.  How I love the city and all of its convenience.


  1. You are doing all the things we love to do in Chicago. Go to Grand Lux to eat!

  2. You need to update this! Maybe after my visit you'll have something to talk about :)