Friday, August 12, 2011

So many pictures! -Kayla

First thing's first: I have orientation for school today!  Aside from these pictures, I'm sure I will have many to share tonight of my uniform and utensils.  I can't wait!  I will apparently be receiving close to 80 lbs of equipment today; hopefully I can manage that all on the train!

I have so much to share; we have really been busy!  Last night, after Nick got home, we ate the chicken pitas I had made (yum!) and then rode our bikes the few blocks to Lincoln Square to see the live swing band that was performing there.  Pictures follow:

Half way though, we got distracted by the farmers' market.  Here's our haul:

Look at how big that cantaloupe is!  It's almost the size of the watermelon!  That little jar is five cheese and garlic dip.  I can't WAIT to make mashed potatoes with that!  I'm making perogies tonight, so maybe I'll melt some of the dip and put it on the perogies.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  

I finally got around to finishing super cleaning the house, so I took pictures.  Now you can all see what the place looks like 100% finished and clean.  Note: there are no lights on in these pictures.  It's amazing how much light we get being in the garden apartment!  

And, of course, the car is officially gone.  It's really a scary feeling to know that if we need to go anywhere, it's bike, walk, or public transit.  Fortunately, all of that is really easy here.  I still can't believe that the car sold in less than 24 hours.  That extra money is really going to come in handy thought!  To celebrate, Nick and I stopped to get a night cap after we were done taking care Joann's animals.  I don't know if we mentioned that, but we are cat/dog sitting for Matt Michael's aunt.  She has 5 cats and a dog and they are all a pleasure to be around.  Not to mention the extra cash flow that we are getting from this!  

Speaking of extra cash flow, I now have a commitment every two weeks to clean a house.  It's not much, but it will be at least $75 every two weeks; that's $150 more than we had each month.  Not too bad.  The interview I had on Wednesday went really well.  It wasn't so much an interview as let's chit chat.  Gina, the owner, was very nice and gave me a few good tips on some things to do in our area.  It's not the ideal job, seeing as I will only be able to work weekends, but money is money.  I was actually a little confused in the interview because, on the phone, she had said that I could work all three available shifts (Friday morning, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon).  In the interview, however, she said that there was A Thursday evening instead of a Friday morning shift and that I wouldn't be able to do it.  I don't know what gives; maybe one of her current workers decided to change shifts.  Either way, it doesn't bode too well for me, as she told me that she was hoping to get one person to cover all three shifts.  Also, Bittersweet Bakery called me last night to let me know that their shifts run 7am-3pm and 3pm-11pm.  In other words, I can't even interview there as my school is 2-6pm.  Sucksville.  

One last thing.  I made these coasters: 

I love them because I made them from a map of the Chicago area.  The individual picture here shows the loop.  I also made one that has our area on it and two more of random areas.  I put them on white tiles with mod podge and acrylic spray paint.  They make me happy :)

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